Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion alarm is your first line of defence, it should be your first warning mechanism, stopping the intruder before they get inside your home.A intruder alarm system refers to the strategic placing of various alarm devices within the house in order to notify the owner about the intrusion even before the intruder is already inside the building.

A intruder alarm system is a system that is utterly dependent on the structure of the building. Therefore it takes some planning to make this system effective for every household. A building intruder alarm system concentrates on all the possible entry points of your building, so that the alarm will sound before the intruder actually enters your building. This will buy you some time to call the police and prepare you and your family for what may happen next. This system can also act as a deterrent as it can highly discourage a burglar from proceeding with his or her plan as his intentions are already known before he or she is even inside the premises.

The main devices that you will need in a home intruder alarm system are motion sensors, contact sensors, and glassbreak detectors. Motion sensors are typically placed on doors so that when a forceful entrance has been committed, you can be duly notified. Glassbreak detectors on the other hand are placed in windows as they are the next obvious entry points inside your house. Meanwhile contact sensors are additional devices that provides extra protection in case the burglar somehow managed to tamper with the motion sensors and glassbreak detectors.