Vehicle Traffic System

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system whether it is GPS based or any other wireless medium has brought one of the most important technological advances in today’s communication field. Now one doesn’t have to leave a place to know where a particular vehicle is at a given period of time. The automatic vehicle locating system only with the help of a tinny electronic device and tracking software can detect the real-time location of a vehicle by using the conventional cell phone network and Internet.

Number Plate Recognition System

NPR system could be useful for following applications:-

  • Access Control based management of Vehicles.
  • Parking Management Solutions.
  • Highway / Border monitoring system for vehicles.
  • Vehicle Monitoring through automated real time alerts for Unauthorized / Barred / Stolen vehicles.
  • Traffic and Parking flow surveys.

Vehicle monitoring at toll booths.

Boom Barriers/Flap Barriers

Boom Barriers

These electromechanical boom gates are suitable for intensive use and can be used to close off car parks and private areas.

Flap Barriers

Flap Barriers are extremely suitable for controlled padestrian movement in big corporation/ parks/ metro stations etc. Economically Priced and micro-processor controlled.


Tripod/Turnstile is the first choice for corporate for controlling paedestrian movements. Exclusive drop arm feature provides end user immediate safe passage in case of emergency.

Bollards/Roadblocker/Tyre burster

Designed to control access to a high security site where pedestrian access may be allowed but vehicle access blocked, these bollards have a “unique safety design” and “very high impact strength”.

Traffic Light System

Automatic Traffic Light Control system is designed and implemented to control the flow of traffics in a cross automatically. It will decide about traffic lights to turn red or green on such a way that the flow of the cars on the cross maximizes.