Perimeter Protection System

The electric fencing system consists of electric wires carrying electric pulses that provide a SHARP SHORT SAFE SHOCK to intruder creating psychological and physical fear. This results in an alarm activation which is transmitted to security personnel monitoring the site.

Electric Fence Security Solutions for

  • Airports, Industrial Manufacturing Units, Military and Government factories and facilities
  • Atomic Energy and Solar Power Plants and Thermal Power Station complexes
  • Electricity Transformer Stations, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Precious Metals Manufacturing and Refinery Factory Units, Water Plants
  • Telecommunication Antenna Sites, Bonded Warehouses
  • warehouses and Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities, private houses and Villas
  • Research and Development Centres, Research Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare and Medical Manufacturing Units
  • ┬áPaper Industries and Manufacturing Units
  • IT Infrastructure, Industrial Parks, SEZs and Software Companies
  • Automobile Manufacturing Units and Yards
  • Steel Manufacturing Units and Ship Yards
  • Hospitality (Resorts, Spas and Hotels) and Tourism Industry
  • Cement Manufacturing Units
  • Wildlife Management and Agricultural Sectors