Management System

Visitor Management

In most organizations today, visitor management consists of visitors scribbling their name in a paper guest book. With our visitor management system, visitors electronically scan their ID (driver’s license or business card), all relevant information about them is automatically captured in a database, and a professional quality visitor badge is printed. By using our system you’ll streamline the check-in process, and have a valid record of who is entering your facility.

Canteen Management

Many organizations have their own canteen or facility on contract to provide food/meal at economical price for their employees. Traditionally, the practice followed is distributing manual printed coupon to employees at a prepaid cost. However this system demands more logistics in printing, distributing coupons and moreover maintaining the account of each employee’s entitlement.There is no need of any manual system and the information flow to employee, to the canteen contractor and HR is seamlessly available.

Advantages :

  • Do away with manual system of maintaining the coupons
  • Instant information at your fingertips for immediate use
  • Supports both Prepaid and post paid methods of accounting
  • Linkage to payroll package for direct debit facility
  • Regulate employee’s subsidized food usage


Cashless, Paperless operation

  • On-line status available
  • Can be linked with attendance management system to assist in
  • Quantity of food to be prepared /ordered.
  • The amount can be directly deducted from employee’s salary.

Asset Tracking

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a groundbreaking technology for tracking valuable assets. Now there is no need to store whole history and full description about them every time. RFID tags are the simpler way to track them. Every tagged asset can be tracked by interpreting the upcoming radio signals from each tag.

Many companies are becoming interested in simple asset tracking solutions that can help track critical or valuable assets within a specific physical area or process under the company’s control. Asset tracking enables organizations to know exactly what assets they own, lease, or control, as well as how those assets are being used throughout their life cycles, from acquisition all the way through disposal.

Companies are looking to generate operating cost reductions by implementing improved asset tracking to enable reduced shrinkage, lowered maintenance costs, and optimized asset utilization.

RFID technology brings some unique benefits to asset tracking that other identification technologies like bar codes or other tagging technologies may not be able to easily provide. For example, RFID tags can help enable better tracking in situations where bar codes may be unreadable because they are damaged or unreachable due to poor positioning while being used in harsh environments. Additionally, RFID technology is more suited for automated tracking because it allows for non-line-of-sight operation, and it provides the ability to read multiple tags simultaneously. This means that RFID technology can be used more effectively to automatically and accurately track asset movement

Guard Tour System

A guard tour system is an essential tool which enables to monitor if people assigned to a tour patrol task are completing their duties on time and at their correct locations. In summary the system makes it possible to know where and when the patrols were made.